KLAD: production

The Ambassador of the classical collection Blue Lion FC Zenit became the Italian footballer Claudio Marchisio.
The shooting took place in a picturesque place on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.
The main goal was to emphasize the unity of the hero's character and the collection.
Photo and video have been shooted parallel.
Campaign materials became part of the design of the Blue Lion Corner at the flagship store of FC Zenit.


Art director: Denis Baranov
Фотограф: Maxim Smirnov
Video: СВЕТ
Producer: Katerina Perevalova (KLAD)
Style: Kate Route
Style assistant: Elizaveta Sarycheva
Makeup&hair: Angelina Dorofeeva
Technical director of photo: Ivan Volkov
Photographer assistant: Nikita Shubnyi
Set designer: Mikhail Domnin
Set designer assistant: Philipp Chaplygin
Administrator: Anastasiia Galetskaia
Photo backstage: Sergei Gonchar
Post production of photo: Evgeny Sidelnikov


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