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casting, locations
We offer the talent you need among professional models, actors and real people. Not only do we provide casting, we also provide on set actor's and extra's assistants
If you want to take part in open casting, write to face@kladll.com
Мы проводим кастинги среди моделей, актеров и новых лиц для индустрии съемок. Сопровождаем героев на этапе подготовки к проекту
и в съемочные дни.
We search for the interior and exterior locations, get all necessary permissions and work on set to help with all location' questions during the shooting day. Encourage team to take care of locations.

If you want to suggest your location for shooting, write to location@kladll.com
We work with:
С нами работают:
We are open for new interesting projects and would be glad to receive your letter.

Мы открыты для новых интересных проектов.
Напишите нам, будем рады ответить на ваши вопросы.
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